Country: Papua New Guinea

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National Focal Points

Ms. Gwendoline Sissiou

Acting Executive Director, Office of Climate Change and Development

Office of Climate Change and Development (OCCD)


National Climate Change Actions

Summarized Information derived from Nationally determined contributions (NDCs) submitted by parties

Emissions mitigation: National target of becoming carbon free in the electricity sector by 2030. Adaptation: Priority hazards : 1) Coastal Flooding and Sea Level Rise; 2) Inland Flooding; 3) Food Insecurity caused by crop failures due to droughts and inland frosts; 4) Cities and Climate Change + 5 other highlighted priorities.

Population (2015)

7.9 million

United Nations Population Division

GNI per capita (2016)


World Bank

PPP current international dollar

Emissions per capita (2014)

1.957 tons

Climate Analytics

Annual tons of CO2 equivalent per capita including land-use, land-use change and forestry (LULUCF) and all Kyoto Protocol greenhouse gases

Climate/Disaster Displacement

21.1 thousand displaced by natural hazards and flooding (2014) / 15 thousand displaced by the eruption of the Manam volcano (2004)


Climate Vulnerability Level


Climate Vulnerability Level

Mortality attributable to joint effects of household and ambient air pollution (2015)

3,518.8 (46.3 per 100 000)

World Health Organization

Climate change attributable deaths (2015) (Data by region 2004)


World Health Organization

Climate change attributable deaths for children under 5 (2015) (Data by region 2004)


World Health Organization

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