Youth Message at 2016 Forum

Published 3:29 pm
November 18, 2016

Climate Vulnerable Forum High Level Meeting at COP22

18 November 2016 (10:00 am to 12:00 pm) Marrakech, Kingdom of Morocco
Imane Boulberj and Abdelkrim Achache, Pupils at Al Hanane School
Download the statement here.
Read the school’s press release here (external link, French).

Abdelkrim Achache and Imane Boulberj at the 2016 CVF Forum. Photo credit: Al Hanane School.
Statement of Imane Boulberj


Hi, my name is Imane BOULBERJ. I came with my school Al Hanane, from Agadir city.
I’m here to talk about the WAVE Project that was organized a few months ago and involved many students all over the world. This project consists of writing cards and promises that will help to save the environment. So, we have to respect what we’ve written because it’s an engagement towards nature.
On my card, I promised to eat more organic products and less meat and animal products. Starting to consume bio products is first of all good for health because it’s chemical free. Then, these chemicals hurt seriously the environment: it has already killed many types of insects and caused lots of diseases.
Eating less animal product is a little harmful for someone who’s still growing up. But because it harms so much to see the nature dying, I’m willing to do anything to save it.
Why did I take this decision? Because animal breeding is an enormous source of greenhouse gas emission, such as Methane. So we must try hard to minimize its production.
I may be only a teenager in a big world, but I want to do something for the future generations. I want to feel that my existence has a goal that I need to achieve which is the preservation of the environment.
We have to be conscious of the way we benefit from nature, thus the necessity to give even a tiny part of us and of our time just to save our future.
Finally, I want to thank my school for allowing me to come here, it’s a great honor. I also thank M. Louis PALMER and Mrs. Silvia BRUSTCHIN who organized this huge project and made students take care of the world.
Thank you.
Statement of Abdelkrim Achache


Hi, my name is Abdelkrim ACHACHE. I live in Agadir and study in Al Hanane School. Last June, I participated in WAVE Project. This project invited students all over the world to create special cards where they suggest solutions to global warming. It is a kind of ecological promises in order to save our planet.
In my card, I personally chose to talk about saving water and electricity. In fact I began to change slowly my life habits. For example, I switch off the light when I leave a room, I turn off the tap when I don’t need it, I take a shower instead of taking a bath… I can assure you, that all these small gestures become reflexes with time.
We are seven milliards people in this planet. If each of us saved one liter of water per day, can you imagine how much water we all could save in one week, one month or even one year? Let’s think about the poor African countries that have no water. In my opinion, if everyone started to save water, African countries would suffer less. Let’s think also about the future generations, your children or grandchildren. Can you imagine the day where they won’t find any drinking water or any water at all? Can you imagine the day they would be obliged to wear a mask to breathe?
If we want to prevent all of this, we have to start now! We should save water and electricity; we should invest in renewable energies and stop the petrochemistry and all the polluting industries. We also should educate future generations. They should be aware of the importance of a tree, a solar plate… We can start with our little brothers and sisters, cousins and friends.
Personally, I promise that when I grow up, I will invest in renewable energies. I also promise to help African countries by digging hundred of wells.
Finally, I would like to thank my school for offering me this opportunity. I also want to thank M. Louis PALMER and Mrs. Silvia BRUSTCHIN who have proved their love for this planet by trying to sensitize the children to the importance of environmental issues.
Thank you.

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