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Climate Change Data Vulnerability, Effects, Impacts

How much is climate change costing your country today? your region? the world?

What is the likely extent of human, economic and ecological ramifications of a hotter planet now and in 20 years time?

The 2012 Monitor commissioned by the CVF provides one of the most comprehensive independently developed databases on the current impact of climate change
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About the Assessment

The Climate Vulnerable Forum commissioned the Climate Vulnerability Monitor as an independent global assessment of the impact of climate change on society. It provides up-to-date information on the degree and diversity of primary impacts caused by climate change related phenomena for countries around the world today. The assessment generated a wealth of socio-economic climate change data on the consequences of global warming and the vulnerabilities of different countries to its effects. The development of the first two assessments were mandated to the humanitarian research organization DARA .
The Monitor assessment is grounded in recent and leading scientific studies, research and data assimilated on the basis of an externally reviewed methodology. The assessment spans 34 indicators of impact and vulnerability: 22 for climate change (“Climate”) and 12 for carbon intensiveness (“Carbon”). Information is provided across these analysis areas as estimates in human, economic and ecological terms for 2010 and 2030. Vulnerability at country level and by indicator is comparative to the 184 countries included in the assessment.

Data Portal (DARA)

Access here the DARA Monitor data portal for the full data set and assessment results of the contemporary impact of climate change for 34 effect areas and 184 countries.