As a collaborative platform for vulnerable countries to address the foremost issues related to global climate change, the Forum’s aims include:
  • Agenda setting for highlighting concerns, issues and challenges faced by vulnerable countries
  • Consensus building and position convergence on international policies
  • Building trust among stakeholders and breaking down divides
  • Cooperative action in the context of intergovernmental fora
  • Collective awareness raising on common concerns, views and positions
  • Sharing of good practices on climate change policy
  • Contributing to a truly effective, inclusive and responsible global climate change governance regime

Program of Activities

The 2016-2018 Road Map outlines planned activities of the CVF and guidance for the joint work of the Forum’s members for the period 2016-18 to ensure timely and effective implementation of the Manila-Paris Declaration. The Road Map identifies key objectives, clarifies the central focus of Forum efforts, further to the Manila-Paris Declaration, and provides indications on the roles of different cooperation and action channels for members to follow-up on priorities at international and national levels, including with respect to member focal points.


Three major Forum meetings in 2009 near Male’, Maldives, in 2011 at Dhaka, Bangladesh and in 2015 at Paris, France gathered government leaders from 20 countries. The Forum is currently meeting through regional-level activities – see here for more.
In addition, in November 2010, Kiribati, during its CVF chairmanship, hosted the Tarawa Climate Change Conference at Ambo, Kiribati – find out more about 2010 Ambo meeting and its Declaration here.

Other Events/Activities

The Forum has engaged in a variety of other collaborative and advocacy events and initiatives detailed in the CVF Timeline – find out more.


In other activities, the Forum has commissioned two major independent assessments on international vulnerability to climate change with the “Climate Vulnerability Monitor” series of reports the first two issues of which were mandated to international humanitarian research organization DARA .

Climate Vulnerability Monitor Reports