About the Climate Vulnerable Forum

The Climate Vulnerable Forum (CVF) is an international partnership of countries highly vulnerable to a warming planet. The Forum serves as a South-South cooperation platform for participating governments to act together to deal with global climate change.CVF logo


We, Ministers and representatives of Governments from Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Latin America and the Pacific, members of the Climate Vulnerable Forum, representing a significant number of countries vulnerable to climate change..

Dhaka Declaration of the Climate Vulnerable Forum Bangladesh, 14 November 2011


The CVF first met near Male’, Maldives in November 2009 gathering Heads of State, Ministers and other government leaders representing countries threatened by climate change from around the world. It has since been active in building cooperation, knowledge and awareness on global warming issues. It last convened in full at the CVF High-Level Meeting held during the UNFCCC Climate Change Conference in Paris (COP21). The Manila-Paris Declaration and the 2016-2018 Roadmap of the CVF, adopted at this meeting, spell out the CVF’s planned efforts during this time period. The Forum has a rotating chairmanship that has been held by Maldives, Kiribati, Bangladesh, Costa Rica and Philippines. The current chair Ethiopia assumed the presidency at the High-Level Climate Policy Forum in the Senate of the Philippines in August 2016.
See here for a Brief History of the Forum and for information about the Forum’s aims and key activities.

Participating Countries

The CVF brings together climate vulnerable developing countries from across Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Latin America and the Pacific – find out more.


Information about how the Forum’s activities are supported including via the Climate Vulnerable Forum Trust Fund – see here.