Ukraine calls to achieve goals of Paris Agreement

Published 11:21 am
December 13, 2018

Dr. Oleksandr Diachuk, Ukraine

UNFCCC COP24, Katowice Poland

Climate Vulnerable Forum Event 

UNFCCC COP24, Katowice Poland

13 December 2018


Ukraine is the biggest country in Europe. And Climate Change is a very big challenge for Ukraine! My country emits less 1% of the world GHG emissions. And is also vulnerable to climate change impacts! Therefore the adaptation to climate change is a very important issue for us!

Nevertheless it is important for us is to be fully aware of the military aggression of Russia in the East of Ukraine and Crimea! But we understand our responsibility to the future generations. We were one of the first countries to ratify the Paris Agreement.

My country understands that our contribution in achieving goals of Paris Agreement should be more ambitious! That’s why few weeks ago we officially started to revise our NDC and we will make research to find the highest possible ambition for us. Yesterday our minister of environment confirmed it in his statement here, at the COP24. I believe that new Ukrainian NDC with ambitious target will adopted by 2020.

Ukraine also calls to every nation to work cooperatively for achieving goals of Paris Agreement. And we call to update national climate targets and take on much more ambitious commitments!

I agree with Jummemej Declaration and believe in its full implementation!

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