Online Portal & Summit Production with Live Video Streaming

Online Portal & Summit Production with Live Video Streaming

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A. Scope of Services, Expected Outputs and Target Completion
A service provider is sought for the development of an online web portal to support the first ever global political Summit of Heads of Governments of 50-80+ governments, namely the 2018 Virtual Climate Summit.

The Summit Choreography

The Virtual Summit will consist of live online sessions and the online release of pre-recorded audio/video and written statements of Leaders joining in from across a variety of time zones worldwide on Thursday 22nd of November 2018. Briefly the day would comprise –

  • Leaders statements, each of 2-8 minutes pre-recorded or delivered live from various cities globally;
  • 6-8 thematic discussion panels of 30-60 minutes with up to 6 panelists per panel at pre-decided times;
  • Delivery of opening and closing speech by Summit Presidency;
  • Showcase of videos from member nations displaying their wealth of natural and social cultural wealth similar to this video.

The task of the service provider will be to develop a concept for the Summit and web portal, then to design, test, render live and assist in its stable and secure running. The multi-platform needs to be a compatible web portal(portal) accessible globally and enabling live broadcast, interactive web-based conferencing as well as upload of videos leveraging Google Hangouts On Air and YouTube services/platforms (or other more compelling “off-the-shelf” platform) and of audio podcasts. The web portal shall be a distinct, new,stand-alone website linking to Summit partners’ existing sites.

The service quality will be administered by a Portal Task Team (PTT) comprising of people duly anointed and notified to all parties involved, including the service provider.

To illustrate the overall requirement, the portal would have –
• Pre-recorded videos uploaded at a defined time, then later catalogued;
• Live video streaming of a statement delivered from anywhere in the world at pre-defined times;
• Live video streaming of an online interaction between users logging in from anywhere in the world at pre-defined times, on some occasions in parallel to each other for portal visitors to choose from for their preferred viewing.

The following basic requirements for the portal have been identified (the list of features is not exhaustive and will be expanded based on the findings resulting from the ideation phase) –
• The portal should be accessible across every mainstream web browser and internet browsing platforms (iPads, tablets etc.) in all countries;
• The site should be hosted with the most comprehensive, stable and high-bandwidth hosting plans of either Google Cloud or Amazon and shall remain active for 1calendar year commencing 1 September 2018 (domain name for approval by PTT);
• The portal shall be capable of unlimited bandwidth, with site memory, storage and other resources capable of handling 1-2 million visitors for the months of October–December 2018 and to manage surge to 10-50+ million visitors on and 3-4/days +/- 22 November 2018, the date when the portal surge will peak;
• The portal should be capable ofhosting and recording on 22 November 2018 a series of Google Hangout On Air online conferences in parallel, in addition to hundreds of continuously uploaded and embedded videos, pictures and podcasts, all catalogued, streaming and accessible as embedded in the portal and as enabled by an effective portal homepage design (organized by topic of videos and participants, schedule of Hangout conferences and screenings);
• Portal hosts sign-up form compliant with EU legislation and newsletter functions to engage online communities ahead of, during and following 22 November 2018, informing and directing users to portal content;
• The portal shall have the highest professional grade online security, including of SSL, CDN and continuous site-scanning and malware blocking/removal and other relevant security protection from a leading provider i.e. SiteLock;
• The portal shall leverage highest grade distributed content delivery services, caching and other services, and technology in order to maximize site speed, enabling broad global accessibility for the portal, including for developing countries and remote locations with very slow internet connections;
• The portal, with the main version in English, shall be compatible with full/partial language content switching in multiple languages (up to 10 common languages to be specified)and support the implementation of translated content furnished by the PTT on the site in a timely manner;
• The portal shall catalogue and integrate a variety of YouTube videos and live and post-live Google Hangout on Air videos as well as podcasts and standard text/image/file content, categorizing and facilitating navigation between such content for ease of access and visibility;
• The portal shall be fully integrated for online social sharing and social media integration (e.g. displaying online conversation streams from different platforms) with leading social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Line, WeChat, Viber, KakaoTalk, linkedin, etc.);
• The portal shall accommodate posts and static informational pageseasily populated via a mainstream content management system and shall link to the existing web-based platforms of, and;
• The portal shall enable link sharing/linking/content sharing (video/pictures) from partner websites where the content has been first uploaded on partner site;
• High degree of search engine optimization (SEO) and ranking on Google, Bing, Yahoo and other leading search engine sites for key terms including “Virtual Climate Summit” and related terms (including key terms for all site languages);
• Enable the display multimedia content features such as notification system, specification for target devices and localization (Geo-tagging);
• Focus on simplicity, user-friendly interface,outstanding siteperformance, and attractiveness of design;
• All feasible/sensible measures shall be taken to ensure a high degree of performance and site security on/around the 22 November 2018, including mass online traffic surge during this time;
• Live trouble-shooting and user support related to upload of pre-recorded videos, live sessions, and upload of written statements with pictures of government leaders from all countries interested to make a submission;
• All efforts shall be taken to protect the ownership, integrity and security of the site from data breaches, malware and distributed attacks, in addition to other security risks that could result in dispossession or downtime of the portal.

Expected outputs from service delivery:
• Creation of wireframes and detailed description of portal features and user interface, including interface for display of featured stories, country information, and other multimedia (video, audio, images, documents etc.);
• Development of the design (at least 3 options to be submitted for review);
• Wireframes and design submitted for review and approval to the PTT followed by updates based on feedback(at least 3 iterations to be accommodated);
• Development and configuration of an Alpha version of the portal focusing on key features (to be defined during project ideation);
• Review and approval of the Alpha Portal design and functionalities by PTT;
• Quality, security, performance testing and troubleshooting;
• Full implementation and delivery of the features and design of the portal (Beta version);
• Finalization, including final quality testing and approval;
• Support for the launch of the portal and user-informed issues till end of this agreement, that is, December 31, 2018.

Summit Production Requirements from Vendor

An entity familiar with Summits/government meetings to –

  • Design the 24-hour event that will be broadcast online globally across various time zones
  • Set up the coordination centre(s)
  • Develop the material, graphics, videos, re-runs, etc.
  • Decide the queue of videos/live stream
  • Contribute with engaging formats for panel discussions and live interactions
  • Test the pre-recorded videos
  • Outreach to ensure that all Summit participants are ready with video statements
  • Work with media partners to promote the Summit
  • Ensure proper translation in major languages
  • Arrange content for PR agency to utilise
  • Submit event documentation after the Summit with photographs, video and others.

The PTT, and not the service provider, will be responsible for:
• Final written, audio and video content in all languages for portal content population, newsletters etc.;
• All graphical art and visuals not linked to site functionalities (such as institutional logos and photographs).

B. Institutional Arrangement
• The service provider will report directly to PTT . The service provider will continually interact with the PTT throughout the stages of developing the product to seek approval and develop highest quality product;
• The PTT will also coordinate inputs from Climate Vulnerable Forum (CVF) and Event Advisory group.

C. Duration of the Work and Agreement
Services delivered by the service provider will take place over 5 months till 31 December, 2018. The service provider is expected to start no later than15thAugust 2018. The portal should remain online for one (1) year from 1 September 2018, with the possibility of the PTT to prolong its duration online independent and beyond the scope of any agreement with the service provider, all property relating to the portal remaining in the possession of the Portal Task Team for the Climate Vulnerable Forum, the body retaining ultimate rights.

D. Contact
Responses to this RFP with company profile can be sent by July 31, 2018, 1700 ET to:
with copy to:

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