Lonsdale: Vanuatu to push Paris Agreement

Lonsdale: Vanuatu to push Paris Agreement

The Guam Daily Post

Vanuatu says it will ensure comprehensive steps are taken to implement the Paris Agreement at the upcoming COP23 in November… “Time is fast running out and I beg you all to act with us as a unified SIDS voice. The Climate Vulnerable Forum (CVF) – a coalition of 48 countries from Asia, Africa, Caribbean, the Pacific and South America of which Vanuatu is a member– has declared that we ‘strive to meet 100 percent domestic renewable energy production as rapidly as possible while working to end energy poverty, protect water and food security,’ taking into consideration national circumstances.” Lonsdale announced at the SIDS conference that Vanuatu is already on a pathway to meet 100 percent renewable energy by 2030 as specified in the government energy roadmap…

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