Forum Statement in the 2013-2015 Review

1 December 2015 Climate Vulnerable Forum (CVF) Chair Statement on the 2013-2015 Review

The CVF Chair, Philippines, read out the following statement in the Joint Contact Group on the 2013-2015 Review of the 2 degrees temperature goal on Tuesday 1 December 2015 at the UN Climate Change Conference at Paris (COP21):
I am speaking for Philippines as Chair of the Climate Vulnerable Forum.
We would like to remind the decision in June to continue consideration of party submissions. We do not consider that substantive discussion was ever closed and that this COP must take a substantive decision. As such:
  1. As you may be aware, our group of vulnerable nations from regions around the world, issued yesterday a major Declaration wherein the strengthening of the long-term goal to below 1.5C has been stressed as a matter.
  2. While we are concerned of the challenges relating to the INDCs implication of 3 degrees of warming, the practicalities of increasing the ambition for which require resolution.
  3. Our group is already losing 2.5% of GDP on average each year at under 1 degree of warming. We calculate our loss of life at this level of warming at 50,000 lives per year due to climate change of less than 1 degree.
  4. The Structured Expert Dialogues (SED) confirmed that moving from 1 to 2 degrees leads to, in cases, more than a doubling in damage and impact.
  5. We are extremely pleased the Lima-invited submission of the CVF under the Review following the conclusions of the SEDs remains under the active consideration of this body.
  6. We wish to reiterate our request from June for the Review to hear from the lead author of one of the three reports, a UN Special Rapporteur, that our Forum submitted on the topic of human rights and maybe take a few questions from parties, as was the custom with SED reports. We would request for not more than 10 minutes to be devoted to this topic (presentation and Q&A). We would also request the co-facilitators see to the organization of this with parties in order not to take any time away from advancing to the conclusion of this review in this session.
  7. The reason we think it is vital for the body to look at human rights specifically is two-fold:
    a) The report explains to the delegates that the substance of the Review carries implications for a wide range of fundamental human rights. This is of highest possible relevance to the adequacy of the 2 degrees goal; [and] b), Human rights did not figure in the SEDs.
Thank you.

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