Closing Statement 2013-2015 Review

 Closing Philippines Statement as CVF Chair at the Concluding Session of the Joint Contact Group of the 2013-2015 Review

Thursday 3 December 2015, Room 16, Le Bourget, Paris

  1. Chairs, we regret that our discussion has taken a bad turn. As we contemplate our next moves as to how we send to the COP the work of the last three years, we leave you with these thoughts.
  2. There is no question for the vulnerable countries who are already losing 2.5% of GDP and 50,000 lives each year at less than 1 degree of warming that we condone an outcome that commits us to undermining our survival.
  3. We have to really question at this point the basis for not forwarding the draft text to the COP given the scale of the work undertaken and the gravity of the decision.
  4. The parties who stand in the way of recommending a sound decision based on the information available will be remembered by the children of today for the failure in Paris and we will shout it from the roof tops.
Thank you.


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