Image of Bangladesh Flag. Bangladesh is one of the participants of Climate Vulnerable Forum

Country: Bangladesh

  • Chair: 2011-2013
  • Member Since: 2009

National Focal Points

Ms. Nahida Sobhan


Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Dr. Nurul Quadir

Joint Secretary

Ministry of Environment and Forests


National Climate Change Actions

Summarized Information derived from Nationally determined contributions (NDCs) submitted by parties

Emissions mitigation: Reduce GHG emissions by 15% (in relation to BAU levels (no base year)) by 2030 conditional to external support in the sectors of power energy, transport and industry and to reduce GHG emissions by 5% from BAU levels by 2030 unconditionally. Adaptation: Priority focus areas: 1) Food security, livelihood and health protection (incl. water security); 2) Comprehensive disaster management; 3) Coastal Zone Management including Salinity Intrusion control; 4) Flood Control and Erosion protection + 6 other highlighted areas. Adaptation Priorities: 1) Improved Early warning system for tropical cyclone, flood, flash flood and drought; 2) Disaster preparedness and construction of flood and cyclone shelters; 3) Tropical cyclones and storm surge protection; 4) Inland monsoon flood-proofing and protection + 10 other highlighted priorities.


161.2 million

United Nations Population Division

GNI per capita (2016)


World Bank

PPP current international dollar.

Emissions per capita (2014)

0.936 tons

Climate Analytics

Annual tons of CO2 equivalent per capita including land-use, land-use change and forestry (LULUCF) and all Kyoto Protocol greenhouse gases.

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