2016 CVF Forum

The COP22 Site at Marrakech (Image: UNFCCC Licence: CC BY 2.0)

High Level Climate Vulnerable Forum Meeting at COP22

Marrakech, Morocco – 10:00am-12:00pm Friday 18 November 2016

The Forth High Level Meeting of the Climate Vulnerable Forum’s will take place in the second week of the Marrakech Climate Conference (COP22).



  1. To adopt a declaration expressing the updated views of the member states of the Climate Vulnerable Forum
  2. To agree a vision for the Forum expressing the future the members are intent on realising while indicating how each will work towards that vision
  3. To interact with observing countries and institutions on promoting responses and cooperation in support of climate vulnerable countries
  4. To agree a range of decisions relating to the Forum as a body in areas including resourcing, membership, presidency, secretariat and future meetings
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