David Paul: Jummemej Call for Strong Signal from this COP

Published 1:16 pm
December 13, 2018

Statement of HE DAVID PAUL

UNFCCC COP24, Katowice Poland

Climate Vulnerable Forum Event 

UNFCCC COP24, Katowice Poland

13 December 2018



  • Iakwe: good morning Excellencies, Colleagues, Ladies and Gentlemen,


  • As all of you know, on 22nd of November, the Climate Vulnerable Forum, hosted the first ever political Summit of leaders to be held entirely online.


  • The Virtual Summit was ground breaking.


  • As we all know, holding a Summit can expend a lot of money and greenhouse gases. But not the CVF Summit. Instead it was nearly emissions free.


I would like to now request the screening of our President, Hilda Heine’s video statement now.


  • The Summit triggered new ambition. We heard from several leaders new announcements of national ambition and the CVF leaders adopted a substantive outcome captured in the Jummemej Declaration.


  • All of this showed that we can achieve strong outcomes from an entirely online meeting. I hope we can find ways to have more international meetings that are low carbon and led by smaller countries.


  • Certainly, the CVF is going to look at further online meetings in the future.


  • We’re here today to share the enduring political will and spirit of leadership that was manifested at the Virtual Summit.


  • The Jummemej Declaration calls for a strong signal from this COP, including that every party update and enhance their NDCs by 2020 and that we ensure far greater international support to truly unlock ambition.


  • We have risen up and are calling for the world to shift from Dialogue, following the Talanoa that ended last night, to action.


  • Specifically that action is “Jummemej” which as my President has said is a state of permanent watchfulness – “Jumemmej” is the task of the person who keeps watch when we cross the Ocean between atolls on our canoe.


  • So, we have invited every party to join the Jumemmej Declaration, and I am encouraged by all those who have joined the CVF today to stand by us.


  • We are one human family – and as government representatives we have been anointed to keep watch. We will all be judged according to how we act.


  • And as my President said, we have been “put on watch” by the IPCC report on 1.5 degrees.


  • We know it can be done, but not if we delay.


  • If this COP does not send that clear signal for enhanced NDCs by 2020, the next opportunity to have the world updating their NDCs is 2025. This COP must do the job we all expect it to and give the signal to Parties so they have sufficient time to prepare their enhanced NDCs by 2020.


  • That’s the way the Paris outcome is structured and it’s not about to be renegotiated. It went through far too many negotiating rounds already while the planet continued to burn up. We are out of time.


  • The Jummemej Declaration calls for all parties to enhance their “nationally determined contributions to the global response to climate change by 2020”.


  • Climate Vulnerable nations are united in asking that for the sake of people and, nations most affected.


  • As President Heine stated at the close of the Talanoa Dialogue yesterday: the world will judge every nation for the measure of their contribution.


  • We hope all parties will heed the moral imperative for action this very week.


  • Like the Marshall Islands, the Maldives’ very existence is on the line here in Katowice. So I am pleased to introduce the next speakers, Former President Mohamed Nasheed of the Maldives. Maldives is also chairing the AOSIS group. And President Nasheed founded the CVF nearly ten years ago. He needs no further introduction.


  • Thank you and kommol Tata. President Nasheed, you have the floor.

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