1.5C Red Line for Vulnerable Countries in Paris

Published 10:26 pm
December 4, 2015

1.5°C Red Line for Vulnerable Countries in Paris

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Le Bourget, Paris – 04 December 2015: The Philippines convened today an extraordinary ministerial session of the Climate Vulnerable Forum (CVF) in reaction to the collapse of the Review of the 2 degrees Long-Term Goal under the Convention, which held its final session last night at the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris (COP21).
“Our resolve has become even stronger after this meeting,” said Emmanuel M. de Guzman, Climate Change Commission head and chief of the Philippine Delegation to the UNFCCC.
“The movement for a safe future is unstoppable. Countries denying science and reason will have to face the growing number of countries and citizens calling for the 1.5 degree target to be reflected in the Paris agreement,” he added.
The failure of the 2013-2015 Review to forward for decision any results of the unprecedented three-year international technical review process contrasted against the continued increase of support for the 1.5C goal.
The CVF, led by the Philippines, recognized four additional 1.5C supporters today: Chile, Colombia, Paraguay and Peru, of the AILAC group, an independent alliance of Latin American countries in the negotiations.
The CVF’s #1o5C campaign site increased the number of UN member states explicitly supporting 1.5C to 112 nations.
Momentum for other states to declare support for the more ambitious temperature target was felt throughout the conference today with eruptions of spontaneous 1.5C actions from civil society and youth groups. The Forum also inducted new members over and above the group of 43 nations already associated with the initiative.
The representative of South Sudan, speaking at the extraordinary ministerial session of the CVF today called 1.5C “a matter of life and death.”
Chief of the Philippines delegation Secretary de Guzman commented: “Bringing dysfunction inside the negotiations to torpedo the Review of the 2 degrees goal in no way undermines the clear and present danger of a two-degrees regime and the need to strengthen the long-term goal. The Forum continues to pick up speed and I am pleased to acknowledge yet another country joining the Forum today, with the ascension of the Marshall Islands.”
Recognition was given by the CVF to the 1.5C support of Chile, Colombia, Paraguay and Peru on the basis of the AILAC (the Independent Alliance of Latin American countries) statement to COP21 which called for the Paris agreement “to set out a clear direction of travel, with collectively agreed ambitious targets built around the 1.5C long term temperature goal.”
 Photo caption: Ministers and delegates raising the #1o5C hand signal at the extraordinary high-level session of the CVF convened at COP21 at Le Bourget, Paris on 4 December 2015 – source: CVF; license: all rights reserved

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